Bracelet - Band shaped Gudrun
Bracelet - Band shaped Gudrun
Bracelet - Band shaped Gudrun
Bracelet - Band shaped Gudrun

Bracelet - Band shaped Gudrun

Hand stamped geometric designs on brass bands based on archaeological findings of popular Viking bracelets.



"Let our arms be heavy with gold! Let us adorn our right hands abundantly with great bracelets, so that they may add strength to the blows and help to strike cruel and bitter blows."

A hand-decorated bracelet found abundantly in the graves of northern and eastern Europe. Sweden, Gotland, Kievan Rus, Finland, Lithuania... most often 9th-13th century.

We also have information about "friendship bracelets" - not only that these jewels were skillfully stored possessions. Men also often exchanged them as a token of friendship or as an honourable exchange of warriors or as a reward. By giving a bracelet, men often secured friendship or settled a feud. It could also be a grave gift for the last journey of a respected warrior.

Clearly the bracelet should be part of our clothing, worn prominently.


Size universal, size is adjusted by stretching. For any size inquiries, if you have atypically large wrists, please use HERE .

Width at the widest point: 2,5 - 3 cm

Weight:46 g

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Early Middle Ages
Christian culture
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Each piece is original, thanks to handwork it can have variations in size or decoration.
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