SET Organic - Buckle + strap end...

SET Organic - Buckle + strap end Viper - round, black

Discounted set of buckle made of deer antler and belt end made of cowhide.



I make belt components manually using hand tools. Dimensions as standard for belts width 1.5 - 3 cm. I can produce a different size on request. When ordering, buckle + belt + strap end I will attach for free before shipping.

In the world of the early Middle Ages, in the time without pockets, when everything had to hang somewhere, belts were probably one of the most obvious parts of everyday life.

Not every component had to be made of metal. We know buckles made of organic materials such as wood, bones, antlers, walrus or mammoth tusks.

Buckles with and without a strap end were found. Some with a tongue, the use of which has not changed to this day, others only had a hole through which the belt stretched and, due to the lack of a tongue, had to knot the tongue further on the belt.

The belt buckles can have two + two holes to be sewn into the belt, or, as with metal fittings, have a rivet preparation and a counterplate adapted to it.

The fittings were often very often and carelessly decorated with different lines and well-known circular rings or, conversely, precisely carved with floral motifs or a regular pattern.

I was inspired by the knowledge from Great Britain and Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, the Netherlands, but also from the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

From each pattern I make buckles and strap ends in the same motif and in the same color.

As a standard, I make buckles from deer antlers, strap ends and fittings from cow bones.

Size: 5 - 7 cm

Product Details

Early Middle Ages
Cow bone
Deer antler
The Great Moravia
product characteristic
Each piece is original, as it is a natural material!
Each piece is original, thanks to handwork it can have variations in size or decoration.
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