Medieval lantern, leather - big
Medieval lantern, leather - big
Medieval lantern, leather - big
Medieval lantern, leather - big
Medieval lantern, leather - big
Medieval lantern, leather - big

Medieval lantern, leather - big

Quality transparent rawhide (parchment) on a solid construction.



This lantern (lamp) fits perfectly on a table or hanging both in a historic camp and at home or in a pergola. It also looks great on the altar, where it can maintain a sacred fire.

The solid bottom with slightly projecting bars ensures stability on uneven surfaces. 

Latntern is equipped with a "lift" to the candle - a double bottom system. Using a vertical bar, you can pull out the second bottom, insert the candle and lower it.

The bottom is cleverly recessed in the middle, and the candle holds in one place inside the lantern.

The holes in the upper part are used to stretch the leather cord or string, thanks to which you can easily hang the lantern.

I use oak and beech wood for the production. I paint the wooden parts of the lantern with linseed oil. This will make the wood drawing stand out and at the same time the wood will be treated.

We recommend rubbing the leather part with ordinary vegetable oil at home - it will then be more transparent and at the same time impregnated (but it is not necessary)

Goat rawhide is cut to measure. Also the cord that I sew the lantern is from goat rawhide. As it is a completely natural material, it can change its size when moistened. However, you don't have to worry - the rawhide will once again perfectly enclose the structure after drying. However, we do not recommend leaving the lantern unnecessarily exposed to rain and prolonged humidity.

With regard to the conditions in which you want to use the lantern (for example, hanging in the wind, walking with the lantern, ...) we recommend drilling the bottom and piercing it with a nail, creating a mandrel for a better and safer candle holder (in case you want to insert historic candles - in case we do not recommend using tealights candles :-))

We light historic candles in a lamp with long match, we light tealights candles and simply throw them into the lantern.

Size: 30 x 14 cm

Weight: 500g

Product Details

Early Middle Ages
High and late middle ages
Christian culture
The Great Moravia
product characteristic
Each piece is a handmade original, so the parameters may vary slightly.
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