Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin
Dirham - silver coin

Dirham - silver coin

Coin minted around 795 for Harun ar-Rashid.



In the early Middle Ages, Arab dirhams, Byzantine solidi or various bars of silver and gold were often used as currency. For the Vikings, these items were primarily important for the weight of the precious metal, not the coinage per se.

As we know from Arabic travelogues, the Norsemen conducted a brisk trade with the Arab countries and were also in the service of Byzantium as elite mercenaries called Varyags. Here they received the silver Dirhams as profits from trade and mercenaries.  It is therefore not unusual to find these coins in grave finds from the Viking Age.

Dirhams are often found pierced or with an eye. The Wikings liked to wear these coins as amulets - perhaps they served as a memento of their travels or they liked the characters inscribed on them, so don't be afraid to adorn your neck with a dirham or use it as part of your period purse.

Dirhams can often be found cut into smaller pieces. This indicates that they were used to weigh silver in trade. Folding scales and weights were used for weighing, which we also offer.

This Dirham is a very successful replica of a coin minted by Haroun ar-Rashid (766-809 AD) - the Caliph of Baghdad, the religious and political leader of the ruling Muslim Abbas family. His staggering wealth and number of wives made him a legend in Tales of a Thousand and One Nights.

Size: 2,5 cm

Weight: 2,8g - 3g

Price for 1 piece

Jewellery tip for lovers or best friends: we can cut and pierce the dirham for you by appointment, write :)

Product Details

Early Middle Ages
Silver 925
Christian culture
The Great Moravia
product characteristic
Each piece is original, thanks to handwork it can have variations in size or decoration.
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