The Middle Ages love rings!

Since time immemorial, the ring has been associated with friendship, fidelity, engagement and marriage. It has also been represented by bracelets, tied hands or a belt, but the symbolism of the ring is inseparable. The significance of hands has appeared on rings and jewellery since antiquity as a symbol of legal contract, friendship and loyalty, suggesting military roots . And love is, in a sense, also war!

This ring is a replica of a ring from South Moravia, dating from the 13th - 15th centuries.

Hand rings were very popular throughout the Middle Ages, until the 17th century. We know of simple variations of the thin ring in varying degrees of decoration, with variations of the ring with added quatrefoils, knots, persons, animals and flowers, a heart and possibly a crown. Such is the traditional Irish Claddagh ring, handed down from generation to generation, symbolizing love, loyalty and friendship.

You will come across medieval rings with precious stones, in gold and silver or just iron. Interesting are also those made of several types of wire. Some of the rings even broke into several pieces when removed, and the husband on a business trip knew immediately who was not fit to be married for the weekend..

Rings are also often decorated with inscriptions or at least a letter. The text on a 17th century ring found in the Czech town of Louny reads, "CzoPan Buh spogil, to czloviek nerozluczug" - What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Such rings with a message are called "posy rings".

It is said that the groom would put the blessed ring on the bride's finger from the thumb to the ring finger, where the ring remained. It was believed that the so-called Vena Amoris, the vein to the heart, ran from the ring finger (and traditional Chinese medicine links this finger to the breasts!).

Unfortunately, we have no further information about the existence of this mythical blood vessel and therefore the finger on which you want to wear it is purely your choice :-D .

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