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 I am offering you historical objects and goods, which I produce mostly under open sky, using hand tools and mainly I do it with love for such interresting craft.

I mostly produce early medieval replicas, but I also produce items for other periods of our history - such as the High Middle Ages and sometimes even fantasy. Another benefit is custom production.

After individual arrangement I can produce almost anything and for any period, location, or nation. For fishermen and hunters, I can offer knives with fish and animals engravings in the handle, for extravagant fashion lovers I am offering earrings and pendants from the deer antlers tips or teeth. You can see some photos of previous custom made orders in the gallery of custom production.

You will also find here products made by my friends who are mostly also members of our Midgard association or it’s close friends.

I would like to point out that some of the goods in the photo may slightly differ from the piece you might buy (e.g., in shape) since I work with my hands and therefore no two pieces are ever exactly the same, nor animals have the same antlers twice. 

David Tůma - Dagfari


I was born in a quiet town called Benešov, near my favorite river Sázava.

I was interested in history, mythology, and nature since I was very young so around 2000 I began my career as a warrior at historical events. I was mainly interested in the Early Middle Ages period, especially in the area of Scandinavia and Norsemen who lived there. Eventually I became the chairman (Jarl) of the Midgard History Reeanactment Association and historical festivals organizer.

Along with other friends we were not only fighting but we’ve also learned the forgotten crafts. I was mostly appealed by the natural materials, mainly antlers and bones. My work is also my biggest hobby, so I am constantly trying to get better thought I stick to one motto - "I will never be able to do it perfectly".

My other hobbies include beekeeping, traveling, cooking, various handcrafting, and both collecting and growing anything that can be pickled :-).

Sometimes you can see me on TV, you can read about me in a book, or catch me at a historical event either at my stall or on the battlefield :-) 

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I'm on Instagram. News, custom production and photos that you will not find on the e-shop.

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