Flint - piece cca 5 cm

Flint - piece cca 5 cm

For starting a fire or as a semi-finished product for the production of a primitive blade, arrowhead or fist wedge.



We all love fire, it protects against beasts and roasts bacon :)

The English (and also German) name of flint - flint - is known from the common name for rifle - flint. Flint was used as a flintstone (the impact of steel with flint creates sparks) in rifles and its task was to ignite the gunpowder that fired the projectile.

There are many videos on the Internet on how to make a fire. It has a hook - it wants the right tools.

The spark that ignites the trunk is a burning piece of metal that you chip off with a flint, for example.

Size 9 cm

Product Details

Early Middle Ages
High and late middle ages
Christian culture
The Great Moravia
product characteristic
Each piece is a handmade original, so the parameters may vary slightly.
Each piece is original, as it is a natural material!
The picture is only for illustration, the delivered goods may differ!
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