Pendant CZECH LION - roaring king of animals
Pendant CZECH LION - roaring king of animals
Pendant CZECH LION - roaring king of animals
Pendant CZECH LION - roaring king of animals
Pendant CZECH LION - roaring king of animals
Pendant CZECH LION - roaring king of animals

Pendant CZECH LION - roaring king of animals

The king of animals, the lion symbolizes chivalric virtues, courage, strength and bravery.



Weight, size of solid part, diameter of eyelet: 7,8 g, 4 x 2,8 cm, 6 mm

The chain is not part of the pendant. See the offer in the link below.

It is said that the travelled Bruncvík brought to his principality not only a faithful lion, whose life he saved on his adventurous journeys. He also brought a magic sword to the Czech lands, which will appear when we are at our worst.

Before his death, Bruncvík had the sword embedded in Charles Bridge, and legend has it that when the Czech kingdom is at its worst, the Knights of Blanik, led by Saint Wenceslas, will ride out of Mount Blaník. His horse will then stumble over the miraculous sword, and in the hands of the patron of the Czech lands, all he has to do is call out "Head one, twenty, thirty, one hundred thousand heads down!" and the heads of the enemy begin to fall. 

Perhaps every country has such a sword and such a mountain. Not only for the Czechs, the lion is a symbol of pride and hope.

The Czech lion has been a symbol of statehood in the Czech lands since the 13th century, from the reign of Přemysl Ottokar I. of Bohemia († 15 December 1230). It replaced the Black Eagle of St. Wenceslas. It is depicted in silver colours, with a roaring muzzle facing west.

We will also include a black leather cord as a gift with the pendants. However, the jewelry can be beautifully combined with stainless steel chains or rings.

Stainless steel, stainless steel, surgical steel, anti-allergenic jewellery - under these names, austenitic steel with the designation 316L is hidden. It is distinguished by its resistance to moisture, even in environments where highly chlorinated water is present, it does not corrode and is therefore suitable for everyday wear.

Customers appreciate its high shine, light weight, scratch resistance and strength and toughness.

Other great features of stainless steel include its colour fastness and the fact that it is hypoallergenic (does not cause allergic reactions).

Jewellery made from 316L stainless steel requires only minimal care, namely cleaning with water, regular detergent and a cloth, if that is even necessary.

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Modern Society 20th - 21th century AD.
Steinless steel 316L
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