So here it comes! I used the forced pause caused by everyone-knows-what (covid19) and finally started applying for a regional brand certificate - an original product.

After “digging” through all the forms, writing all sorts of documentation and creating photo documentation I "stood" online in front of the commission to present my application.

I can proudly announce that I have become "ZÁPRAŽÍ original product" trademark Certificate holder with "Antlers, bones and horns Original product" registration ganted by the Regional Brand Association.


I would like to thank everyone who kept their fingers crossed, especially to Lucie "Lucyfera" Hrabáková for her help, text editing and moral support :-)

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Dear customers. We are not just an e-shop, we are reenactors, we spend the summer season in historical costumes in meadows, boats and open-air museums.
We leave to plunder the western lands and return on May 30th.
You can leave us orders here, we can take care of them after we return.
Follow updates on the Facebook page or on instagram dagfari.hrut .
Thank you for your understanding! u for your patience and your goodwill!

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