Antler buttons Dot, red
Antler buttons Dot, red
Antler buttons Dot, red
Antler buttons Dot, red
Antler buttons Dot, red
Antler buttons Dot, red

Antler buttons Dot, red

An artistically crafted, decorative button made of deer antler rose.



Unique, beautifully carved, decorated antler rose.

Button made of antlers of specially selected, older deer, as they have firmer antlers.

These buttons can be used as an ornament, a brooch, switching on bags and cables, they can also be used as a tie.

The antler is a natural material and therefore each piece is original not only in decoration, but above all in shape, thickness and curvature.

There is only one such piece on the whole antler and carving an ornament into it is much more difficult if cutting into another part, because the antler rose is very hard.

The back is undecorated.

Size 5 - 7 cm

Product Details

Deer antler
product characteristic
Each piece is original, as it is a natural material!
Each piece is original, thanks to handwork it can have variations in size or decoration.
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