Shining Amber Necklace - perfect...

Shining Amber Necklace - perfect honey coloured rounds

Perfectly worked and polished balls of Baltic amber.



45 cm, 7mm ball, 25 g

Beautiful, ball-shaped pieces of amber of the highest quality are a sign of the craftsmanship of a master jeweler.

Amber processed in this way will surely become your favorite piece of jewelry, which will attract attention wherever you take it!

At the same time, amber processed into balls can also be used at historical events, as since the early Middle Ages, jewelery has been found mostly processed in this way.

The clasp of the necklaces is subtly hidden in the remelted amber clasps with a thread that you will hardly notice, and the necklace looks wonderful!

Amber is a fossilized resin estimated to be 40 million years old. Unlike stones, it is as light as a feather. It is a natural material, each piece is really different, some pieces are clear, others contain bubbles, cracks and / or natural pollution from the remains of bark or insects.

I offer Baltic amber in four shades:

1. light honey

2. Darker cognac

3. lactic opaque with the highest concentration of succinic acid

4. ruby dark, which oxidized longer in air.

Also in various processing:

1. tumbled fractions, patties

2. baroque - machined spheres

3. semibaroque - imperfect balls

4. polished / unpolished / raw

and also different types of threading:

1. on a jewelry rubber band (bracelets)

2. on a string strung one piece after another

3. children's safety threading - there is a knot between each piece of janrat = when the necklace breaks, only one piece falls out

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Early Middle Ages
High and late middle ages
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