Amulet Cross Viper - black
Amulet Cross Viper - black

Amulet Cross Viper - black

Handmade crosses made of cow bone not only for your costume. Original pendant also for casual wear.



The symbolism of the crosses is borne throughout human history. For some, the cross is only a geometric symbol, for others the symbol of the first crossed sticks with a hole in the middle intended for the making a fire = a symbol of life.

However, since the 5th century, crosses have been associated with Christians, especially in Europe. Crosses were everywhere in the early Byzantine world. They referred to religious, secular and domestic buildings, public works, clothing and jewelery and household items. The cross was a sign of Christ's victory over death and the hope of eternal life, and believers often attributed apotropaic or protective powers to it.

Size approx. 3.5 - 5 cm

Product Details

Early Middle Ages 7th - 11th century AD.
High and Late Middle Ages 11th - 16th century AD.
Cow bone
Christian faith
The Great Moravia
product characteristic
Each piece is original, as it is a natural material!
Each piece is original, thanks to handwork it can have variations in size or decoration.
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