Locket for Viking Sword Scabbard Jelling - silver plated
Locket for Viking Sword Scabbard Jelling - silver plated
Locket for Viking Sword Scabbard Jelling - silver plated
Locket for Viking Sword Scabbard...
Locket for Viking Sword Scabbard...
Locket for Viking Sword Scabbard...

Locket for Viking Sword Scabbard Jelling - silver plated

Jelling style - finds Scandinavia, Norway, Iceland, Ukraine, Gnezdovo, 9th-10th century.



This beautifully crafted piece will make any Viking sword look even more authentic! Use it to enhance your sword scabbard if you are posing as a warrior from Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, England and Bulgaria.

The richly decorated fittings of the tip and top of the scabbard are cast in brass und silver plated.

The base of the sword scabbard is a wooden core, sometimes filled with leather including hair or textile. Sword scabbards are not necessarily ornate, only ornately wrapped, but you will recognize that they are certainly needed for such an expensive affair as swords.

In the Scandinavian countries there is no evidence of a sword hanging system yet, but in the Baltic countries there is, including ornamentation.

A sword without a scabbard was considered "difficult" (vandræða), as in difficult to wield. In Chapter 6 of the Hallfreðar Saga, King Ólafr gave Hallfreðr a sword without a scabbard, a problematic gift for a problematic poet. The king said that Hallfreðr must hold it for three days and three nights without anyone getting hurt.

There are examples in the sagas of swords stuck firmly in their scabbards. In at least one case, the sword had supernatural properties and was abused. In another case (Hrólfs Saga of the Kraken Chapter 23), Böðvar's sword got stuck in the scabbard. Böðvarr tormented the sword furiously back and forth until he managed to slip it out of the scabbard. One wonders how often such things happened in real combat. The saga also mentions that Böðvar made the scabbard out of birch wood.

The stories mention, among other things, the use of friðbönd (peace belts) to prevent the sword from being drawn in anger in places where its use was forbidden.

Weight: 55 g

Dimension : 3,7 x 7 cm

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Early Middle Ages
Silver plated
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