Pendant antler tip Dagfari - LOKI, red, runes
Pendant antler tip Dagfari - LOKI, red, runes
Pendant antler tip Dagfari - LOKI, red, runes
Pendant antler tip Dagfari - LOKI, red, runes

Pendant antler tip Dagfari - LOKI, red, runes

Tradition, brand, original, adventure, ....



Perfectly universal product with a tradition of several decades. This is my original pendant made of deer antler, which many visitors to historical events are the first to imagine when they hear the word Dagfari.

Connect the past with the present in pendants inspired by the findings of these amulets. Each is made by hand and with love in the heart of Bohemia. Hang them, like our ancestors, on your neck, belt or bags.

With the right clothing, its appearance is rough, reminiscent of a dragon's tooth, a wolf or a bear's claw. At the same time, it is soft, smooth, round and pointed and adorns a woman veiled in a mystery or a child who longs for adventure. And most importantly - each piece is original!

This amulet does not necessarily serve as a pendant - you can also use it as a keychain, button or whatever comes to mind .... there are no limits to your imagination :-)

As a standard, I make pendants in two sizes and they perfectly complement, for example, antler earrings or other jewelry that I make from antlers - you can find the complete assortment here on the e-shop.

Decorated only around the edge or even with a rune inscription? The combination of six basic hem patterns, two colors, natural material and handicrafts means that no one else has the same.

I hand each pendant to a smooth finish, carved, painted and finally finished. The runic inscription is on one side, usually the bulging one. Decorating the top hem is random if you do not request a specific selection in advance.

If you want individual carvings (inscription in runes, symbol, etc.), write to me :)

Size: approx. 1,5 x 7 cm

Weight: 9 - 11 g

Product Details

Antiquity 4000 BC - 7th century AD.
Early Middle Ages 7th - 11th century AD.
Deer antler
product characteristic
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Each piece is original, as it is a natural material!
Each piece is original, thanks to handwork it can have variations in size or decoration.
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