Viking button - brass
Viking button - brass
Viking button - brass
Viking button - brass
Viking button - brass
Viking button - brass

Viking button - brass

Replica of a button from Birka, Sweden, grave no. 56 and 1074, 10th - 11th century



These buttons were found in larger numbers at Birka, Sweden, grave no. 56 and 1074, they are smaller and were probably used to fasten a kaftan (coat). However, that doesn't mean you can't use it to reconstruct a different area or time. Such buttons can be found all over Europe.

Our buttons are cast, they are not hollow, their eyes are solid.

More typical are the finds in the graves of women and children, usually in smaller numbers, not to be confused with the attachment to the rows of buttons in the High Middle Ages.

You can use the button to fasten parts of the garment or just give it a decorative function. Buttons are said to have been used for fastening since the 14th century, until then they were also a decorative element of clothing.

Large metal buttons were probably sewn on the most luxurious clothes as adornment (pairs), especially on the neckline, on kaftans, on headbands as a decorative ornament.

According to superstitions, the button is a valuable amulet.

Tip - attach a button to the ring and put it on the keys. Whenever you see the chimney sweep, you always have the button at hand. Thanks to this, you will close the fire and your house will not burn :)

1,2 x 0,8 cm

1,5 g

Price for 1 piece!

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Antiquity 4000 BC - 7th century AD.
Early Middle Ages 7th - 11th century AD.
High and Late Middle Ages 11th - 16th century AD.
Christian faith
The Great Moravia
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